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        dagda's Cauldron, mp3





the Dagda's Cauldron, mp3


The Dagda's Cauldron (K.McAlea)
Pipes, church organ and some electric guitar crashes.
The Dagda had a magic Cauldron known as "the Undry" from which none left unsatisfied. He also had a living harp. When he played this harp the seasons changed ,one following the other. The Dagda performed many great feats in the battles against the evil gods, the Formors.

Sarsfeld's Flight to Dublin(Ashley Reed)
Great fiddle from Ashley.
General Patrick Sarsfeld (Sarsfield), an Irish patriot fought for the Jacobites at the battle of the Boyne in 1690.

The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne (Ed Deane)
Grainne elopes with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne . cf Tristram and Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere .
Nylon string guitar , fiddle whistle and pipes. A double jig.


White Horse of the Peppers (Ashley Reed/McAlea)
A Jig with Ambient background samples from a Mini Moog and guitar. Ashley on fiddle
From the Jacobite Irish legends concerning Gerald Pepper, Patrick Sarsfeld, King James and a White Horse.

the Dagda's Cauldron,

Farewell to Alba (K.McAlea)
A slow air on whistle , pipes and fiddle with some piano , low drum and picked guitar.

Fields of Blue (Ed Deane)
Country blues with Ed on guitar, Robin McKidd on fiddle and Kevin on Uilleann pipes.

The Red Branch (K.McAlea)
Uilleann pipes and keyboards.
Prehistoric Navan fort near Armagh. Champions of the Red Branch. Cuchulainn, son of Lugh. The Gaelic Hercules, the hero of the Ulster cycle. Look him in the face and the fierce shining is blinding.

the Farshooter (K McAlea)
Uilleann pipes, low whistle, B Flat whistle, harp.
Lugh, the Lamhfada, Ioldanach, master of all the Arts, the pan-celtic Apollo. The Milky Way was known as Lugh's Chain. He had a magic spear so bloodthirsty it had to be calmed with poppy leaves!


The Castle of Arianrod (K.McAlea)
An air featuring concert set Irish Pipes and a B whistle

Celtic goddess famous for her beauty. The mother of Dylan. The Borealis is Caer Arianrhod in Welsh. Arianrod (Or Arianrhod) and her three sisters appear in Mallory’s story of Lancelot falling asleep under an apple tree (from which unforeseen consequences always follow) and is then enchanted by the three queens.

The Bull of Conflict (Ed Deane)
Ed on guitar and Ashley on fiddle. A Hornpipe.

After the Battle of Moytura (K.McAlea)
Pipes, bouzouki, low drum, button accordion, electric guitar
Maigh Tuireadh (Moytura) is the site of two great battles documented in a 12th century manuscript. The events described probably took place thousands of years ago. Pivotal battles between Light and Darkness in Celtic mythology. Some of these stories are echoes of the arrival of new peoples on the shores of Ireland, like the O’Sullivans, descendants of King Milesius of Spain.



Hazel Over the Well (K McAlea)
Harp, bouzouki, tabla , low drum, low whistle and Uilleann pipes.
The Dagda's wife was Boann. At the end of their garden was a magic well where none should go. Betrothed to a God as she was , woman and all, curiosity got the better of her and she went where none , not even the God's should go- to the magic well , now Trinity Well. The Salmon of Knowledge lived there, feeding on the crimson hazelnuts from the nine hazel trees that hung over the well. The moment she looked upon the water, they rose up in a great torrent becoming there and then the source of a river. So it was that the River Boyne came into being.Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn MacCoul) caught one of the salmon some time later. He was thus empowered with all knowledge and possessed of supra natural powers. ...but that's another story....As told in the Book of Leinster.


Castle Hackett (K.McAlea)
Pipes and whistles, harp, harpsichord.


Hawk on the Glove (K.McAlea)
Pipes, low whistle, electric guitar, bouzouki, low drum.
On Saoirse’s gloved hand the hawk waits, still as the stillest night, as though cast in stone, infinitely patient, ready to strike at any moment, eye clear, cloudless, as dew on the morning grass. And Saoirse waits too, eyes skyward .

uilleann pipes
Carolan's Stile (Ed Deane)
Nylon string guitar, fiddle . Crossfades to a reprise with fiddle and Uilleann pipes.

Chicago Ceilidh (Ed Deane)
A reel, Ceilidh style on fiddle and piano.
O'Sullivan looked up and down the length of the bar. Outside, the hustle of Chicago seemed a long way off. The goblins, shrieking sprites and air demons have been following him around all day and all night, and now, right in his face screaming furiously . O'Sullivan is paying them no attention whatsoever which surprises him as much as it does them. Over in the corner a fiddle and piano strike up a reel, the Chicago Ceilidh.

The Colin Glen Reel (K.McAlea)
A Reel on whistle and fiddle. Ashley Reed plays fiddle .
Colin Glen in County Antrim is the beautiful glen at the top of the Glen Road .

Fior Usca (K. McAlea)
Low whistle and pipes.
Across the sea she came from Gaul. Landing in Cobh she rides a day and a night to meet Saoirse at the exact midpoint of the ring of Kerry, a magical spot. Why? Now that’s a question, but let’s just say that the wind was behind her and the tempest was ahead and leave it at that.

Humours of Effernagh (Ed Deane)
Nylon guitar from Ed.

Longboats are Coming (K.McAlea)
Piano, Uilleann pipes.
Not very many years after the Romans had retreated from the west , a new kind of warrior was leaving his mark on history. All along the coast from North to South, East and West, the cry is heard.....' the Longboats are coming .'….and Brian Boro was a long time coming, though come he did and when he did the longboats went from whence they came.

Men of Lochlann (Ed Deane)
Guitar, fiddle, low whistle, tabla, zither and Uilleann pipes.

Lord of the Mound (K.McAlea)
Harpsichord, bouzouki, Uilleann pipes, low whistle, low drum
The Cromm Cruaich."At Mag Slecht was the king idol of Erin, the Cromm Cruaich and around him twelve stones, but he was of Gold."(the Rennes M.S, Dinnsechus).

Yellow Spear (Ed Deane)
Nylon guitar from Ed.
One of the magic weapons of Diarmuid. He also had the ‘Red Spear’ and a sword, the ‘Little Fury’

Crafty Gobhan (K.McAlea)
A slip jig, fiddle, uilleann pipes, bouzouki, keyboards.

Oisin's Cave (Ed Deane)
Fiddle, voices, guitar, low whistle. Crossfades into a solo nylon guitar Slip Jig. Miriam on fiddle.
Keeper of the Banner " the Terrible Broom", son of Fionn mac Cumhail .

The Witching Bowl (K.McAlea)
Fiddle, pipes, harpsichord, bouzouki in a jaunty slip jig.
A witches brew indeed. Stir it up!



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